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Schedule Change Makes News In Louisville, But Not LA

The shift of the John Ziegler Show to 7 pm and the replacing of the Phil Hendrie Show on KFI has created quite a buzz in the Los Angeles radio community and with some online publications, however the LA Times is yet to even mention it.

Conversely, the Louisville Courier-Journal, the paper in the city where JZ last worked before LA, did report the story today, though in an extremely appreviated fashion. Below is a link to the story that included just one, somewhat out of context quote, and here is actual Q & A that JZ did with the reporter via e-mail. The reporter indicated that all of the quotes were in the original version of the story but most were edited out. For anyone who knows the CJ, this should not be much of a surprise.

1. What are your feelings about getting the a new prime-time slot?

Being moved up after just over a year to replace a legendary show like Phil's that originated on KFI is probably the greatest achievement of my career. Of course, considering my career, that isn't saying all that much. I am also very hopeful that, assuming it ever stops raining here that the change will significantly help my golf game.

2. Has your on-air style changed since moving out West?

I am a much better talk show host now than I was in Louisville. For instance, I often go three hours without taking a phone call simply because I just don't have time because I have so much material to get to. However, there are certain things I could do in Louisville that I really can't here because the market is about 15 times larger, and I miss some of that.

3. We hear the transition was a little rocky -- that Phil Hendrie did a terrible job trying to impersonate you. Your thoughts?

Actually I am getting quite used to Clear Channel properties doing really bad impressions of me while taking silly shots. Terry Meiners did so about a month ago. The disappointing part is that neither one was either accurate or remotely funny. In the case of Phil, even though it caused him to be taken off the air by management it was kind of a compliment because his show is national and extremely well respected. With Terry it was just sad and pathetic.

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