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John Ziegler/KFI Subject of Atlantic Monthly Cover Story

John Ziegler, his show, and his station is the subject of a 23 page cover story in the April edition of the prestigious magazine, the Atlantic Monthly. The lengthy article, written by high profile writer David Foster Wallace, is HIGHLY unusual and is based on about a month in which he spent hanging around the KFI studios to get a behind the scenes look at how talk radio is done.

While there are some inaccuracies/misimpressions in the story and it is not always totally flattering (of course that would be very boring), it makes for VERY interesting reading and anyone who is curious about talk radio really should give it a look.

The writer was invited on to the show to discuss, in a friendly manner, his observations (as well as some of the inaccuracies) in the article, but he was apparently too much of a coward and without enough gratitude for the access we gave him to even provide us with an hour of his time.

Below is a link where you can read the article as it will appear in the magazine. However, you must be or become a subscriber to do so. We had been posting a copy of a link of the entire Atlantic article that they had been previously posting, but we were forced by Atlantic and Clear Channel to take it down.

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