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John Ziegler Column Up For Vote At LA Times

The LA Times decided to reject JZ's column for their
"Outside the Tent" feature, which is supposed to focus
on criticism of the Times. The stated reason it was rejected was that it was supposedly too self promotional of KFI and talk radio. That was absurd because the column (which can be read in its FULL version on this website under editorials) was
ABOUT how two different mediums covered the same stories and revealed two very different truths. One wonders how that topic could POSSIBLY be examined without appearing to be at least a little promotional of one medium or the other?

However, as way of dealing with some of the editor's apparent feelings of guilt for rejecting the piece, the Times has decided to do something very unique (and, it now seems rather underhanded). They are posting the column online while giving you
a chance to vote on whether it should have been rejected.

What is MOST infuriating about this "self promotion" business is that part of the column deals with a Robert Blake juror who is trying to make
a music career through a CD of songs about the trial and the Times, for at least the second time, goes out of its way to allow him to be "self promotional" even allowing him to respond to my column!

If you get the chance go to the following link (below) and vote. The "ballot" is on the upper right hand side of the page.

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