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Courier-Journal/Betty Baye Take Another Shot At JZ Over Johnnie Cochran

Though it has now been a year and a half since John Ziegler has been on the air in any capacity in Louisville, Courier-Journal columnist Betty Baye (for whom JZ named his one year anniversary invitational golf tournament because she had claimed that he would not last a year in Louisville) for some reason decided to use Johnnie Cochran's death to attack JZ. Remarkably she has far more venom for JZ than she does for O.J. Simpson, who of course is a double murderer.

The column, a link to which is posted below, is dripping with racism as well as blatant inaccuracies (including a shifty revision of her prediction that JZ would not last a year in Louisville). Here is an e-mail that JZ sent to Baye regarding her column.

Dear Betty:

Thanks for the ink.

I see you haven't lost your ability to lie or to promote your racism. For the record, I never claimed to have a TAPE of you threatening me. As I always said, I didn't turn the tape on because you had not agreed to a "second interview" when you came up to me and said "We're going to get you. You won't last here a year." Also, the reason I talked to you was that I had already interviewed Cochran.

You are supposed to be a journalist. I have never claimed to be one. But you have once again shown that facts have no meaning to you if they get in the way of expressing your hatred of white people. I am not close to being racist or a chauvinist, but you make it more difficult to not be.

John Ziegler

P.S. I very much enjoyed attending Cochran's viewing. Too bad you couldn't make it.

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