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JZ Makes Statement in Response to Plaintiff's Testimony

John Ziegler released the following statement in response to the plaintiff's testimony today.

"I watched with great interest to Ms. Divita's version of events, a version that is in gross contradiction with both mine as well as the facts, and which was also almost totally irrelevant to the issues in the case. I am very sorry that Ms. Divita feels that this lawsuit has created so much pain in her life, but she was the one who brought this suit; one she did not have to bring and which has absolutely no legal merit.

Of the many parts of Ms. Divita's testimony which were inconsistent with the facts, two "WHOPPER" stories clearly stand out above the others and prove what I orginally said about her was absolutely true. I will make these, as well as others, abundantly clear as soon as it is advisable to do so."

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