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Testimony Ends With Plaintiff's Own Friend Devastating Her Credibility

Testimony ended today with the defense calling only one witness to the stand. The witness was WLKY-TV's Jim Bulleit, who was the person who introduced JZ to the plaintiff and who, by his own account was a much closer friend to the plaintiff than to JZ.

Jim's testimony exposed both the plaintiff and her attorney as untrustworthy and removed any reasonable doubt that JZ had every reason to believe that all that he said about the plaintiff was completely accurate. Despite what the local news media has led the public to believe about this case, THAT is the central issue at hand and, thanks to the clarity of the law in these matters, there is no longer ANY doubt that the claims against JZ are beyond frivilous.

For a defamation claim involving a public figure to have any chance, (among other things) it must be proven by the plaintiffs that what was said was not only false, but that the person saying them KNEW they were false. The plaintiffs in this case have not even TRIED to make this case. In fact, the plaintiff herself has admitted under oath that everything JZ said about her was either true or that she knew it was what JZ believed was true. Legally, that means the case is over.

However, the defense in this case has made the extraordinary achievement of going WAY beyond their burden and actually proving that what JZ said was in fact true! Meanwhile, the plaintiffs, who actually have the burden of proving the opposite have not even tried to do so (because they know they can't).

Instead the plaintiff's attorney has attempted (with some success) to turn this trial into whether JZ should have been fired from his job at WHAS almost two years ago (guess what, he was!) and whether or not JZ is someone who you woulld like to date (if you don't blatantly lie, there will be no problems).

The plaintiff's attorney seems to have based his entire case on two premises: getting as much media coverage as possible, and confusing the jury while banking on his apparent perception of their lack of intelligence or understanding of the law, an incorrect presumption which JZ believes will eventually backfire on the plaintiffs.

Closing arguments are set for tomorrow and the jury will get the case. JZ will return to the air tonight on KFI at 7pm pacific time while broadcasting from Louisville's WHAS, the station from which JZ was fired to begin this entire sordid affair.

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