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JZ/Free Speech Win Trial On All Counts!!!! Thoughts on Divita/Meiners Soon

John Ziegler's defense team won a tremendous victory today when the Louisville jury unanimously decided Darcie Divita's defamation case in his favor. Despite a judge who seemed all too enthralled with the exciting nature of the case who let in WAY too much "evidence" and exhibited a shocking lack of regard for the law on free speech and knowledge of the law on public figures, despite a plaintiff's attorney who had no regard for the truth or the law and who tried desperately to fool them, despite an incompetent and biased news media that was completely out of control, the jury somehow figured out a way to do the right thing and ruled based only on the very clear-cut law in this case. They should be congratulated for overcoming long odds to preserve the Constitution.

The victory was sweet vindication for John Ziegler who had always maintained that he knew that what he said about Ms. Divita, while potentially offensive to some (though honestly intended as truthful and at least partially complimentary commentary), was nowhere NEAR the line of illegality. John Ziegler wishes to thank his attorney Ken Sales, the Clear Channel legal team and Frost, Brown & Todd, John and Kathy Yarmuth, and Collie and Nora King for their tremendous support during this incredibly trying week.

Now that the case is over, more of the truth can finally come out. JZ intends to post the real truth about Darcie Divita and WHAS host Terry Meiners (who testified against John Ziegler and then lamely on the air attempted to constantly pretend that they were still friends only to then begin posting an incredibly deceiving series of very old private e-mail between the two of them as soon as John left town). These articles should be up in the next couple of days.

Below is one of the MANY links to the trial coverage that went WAY beyond anyone's expectations, culminating with the station that let John go from his TV show (WAVE-TV) in an extremely deceptive manner, breaking into regular programming to carry the verdict live.

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