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Polls Indicate Majority Agree With Ziegler Verdict, JZ Speaks With Juror

According to polls conducted by two Louisville TV stations the vast majority of area residents were following the trial and a solid majority agreed with the verdict which went in JZ's favor. According to the WHAS-11's scientific poll, only 7% of respondents said they were unfamiliar with the case, while the majority (though not nearly as many as should have been the case considering the clarity of the law) said they agreed with the verdict. A Fox 41 (Divita's former employer) poll showed 65% saying Ziegler should have been "cleared" with 35% saying Ziegler should have been "required to pay."

JZ spoke for the first time today with one of the jurors and was pleasantly surprised to find that the jury saw the case almost exactly as he had hoped. This juror indicated that most of the jury, especially the women, felt strongly that, under the law, Ms. Divita did not deserve any damages. This particular juror did not find Ms. Divita to be credible and had strong negative feelings towards her attorney. This juror also indicated there were no major debates during deliberations and that nearly everyone (correctly) felt very positive that the law had not been broken.

Below is a link to an article with an online poll regarding the outcome of the trial.

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