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Courier-Journal Does Hilarious "Book Review" of "Death of Free Speech"

The Courier-Journal, JZ's favorite target while he was in Louisville, did a very funny "review" of his new book "The Death of Free Speech." The "review" appeared on the front page of the books section of the Sunday paper and had a small photo underneath it. The "review" was written by a CJ writer whose nutty wife was often criticized by JZ on his radio show and does not even pretend to address the book itself. In short (very short), it can be described as saying...I hate John Ziegler... I hated his radio show (though I probably never listened)...and I am thrilled he is now in Los Angeles...and isn't it horrible that he was personally critical of other people?

For the record, JZ has written a letter to the editor in response, which they finally ran in their Sunday edition. Here is what was submitted.

I wish to thank Keith Runyon and the Courier-Journal for their outstanding review of my new book, "The Death of Free Speech." Having been a strong critic of the CJ while at WHAS I was concerned that perhaps there might be some desire to exact revenge by writing an unfair review. Thankfully, Runyon's four-paragraph "review" ended any fears of bias that I might have had. He got the title of the book exactly right and even spent an entire sentence on some of the substance of the work, though I am sure it was just an oversight that he failed to mention that I was in town that day signing copies of the book. The parts about Louisville being a better place now that I am in Los Angeles and my show (of which I am sure Mr. Runyon was an avid listener) is no longer heard here must have just been a nod to the paper's liberal base. After all, ripping someone for being prone to personal attacks while using a review of their book to personally attack them would be too much hypocrisy even for the CJ. Wouldn't it?

John Ziegler
Author, "The Death of Free Speech"
Talk Host, KFI Los Angeles

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