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JZ's Attempt to Confront O.J. Simpson Featured On "Inside Edition"

John Ziegler's somewhat successful attempt to confront O.J. Simpson and disrupt the murderer's signing in Los Angeles this past weekend was featured on Monday's broadcast on the tabloid TV show "Inside Edition." The show used a clip of JZ trying mightily to get past the security guards of the event who had previously promised full access to JZ as well as his partners Leah Brandon and Jason Nathanson. They also aired an interview with JZ on what he was trying to do as well as one from the murderer blaming the media for causing all his problems.

We are still attempting to obtain the 911 call that claimed JZ was "assualting a celebrity with a deadly weapon" which caused the LAPD to show up and we are planning on posting video of JZ's exploits on the internet soon.

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