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JZ's Liberal Buddy, John Yarmuth, Runs For Congress In Louisville

John Yarmuth, JZ's liberal co-host for the old "Yarmuth & Ziegler" TV show on WAVE-TV in Louisville announced today that he is entering the Democratic primary with the intention of defeating Republican incumbent Anne Northup in November. JZ released the following statement regarding this development:

"I am thrilled and excited that my good friend John Yarmuth has decided to run for Congress. While I disagree with many, though hardly all, of his political positions, the John Yarmuth I know is a man of great intellect and character and would be a tremendous addition to the United States Congress. The people of greater Louisville should consider themselves lucky to have such a candidate from which to choose. Assuming John wins the primary, which I strongly believe he will, Anne Northup is in for the race of her life; one where she will have to run against a smarter and better person than she is. I intend to do everything I can to help John get elected which, considering the perception of me in much of Louisville, will probably require me to maintain as much silence as possible."

Below is how the local newspaper reported on John's filing.

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